Projects, Activities & Committees

The NGAC welcomes your help, suggestions and support. We have plenty of activities… just choose a project and get involved!
These top 5 tabs are our current high priority projects. Click to open details.
Big Day of Giving (aka BDOG) is TODAY, May 6th and we are less than $1,200. from goal.

CURRENTLY INSTALLED! Available for public view until August 2021.
The Natomas Garden & Arts Club has a vision of transforming the vacant former Natomas Fire Station #15 building at 1591 Newborough Drive into a permanent Garden Center & Arts Gallery. The NGAC is leading the effort to improve the aesthetic quality of the necessary security measures on 1591 Newborough with artworks created by local artists. Meet the artists!
This ambitious garden project is in partnership with the Xerces Society. Plans are in the works for the development of a miles long pollinator garden to be planted in the areas along each side of the paved Ninos Parkway. Join the Pollinator Garden Clean Up SUNDAYS this Spring & Summer! Learn more about the Pollinator Garden by emailing Angela Laws.
The NGAC is planning our first Post COVID Springtime Art and Plant Sale. WHERE, WHEN, WHO, HOW? Help us plan! Contact Amie Tokuhama for committee meeting date & time.
This is an exciting idea in the works! We have the virtual platform and lots to auction off. We need people like you to help us plan, promote and execute! Contact Amie Tokuhama
  • INSPIRATION STATION: Open to all creatives… a monthly zoom opportunity to paint, draw, knit, write, chat. You bring your project, NGAC brings the connection. Hosted by Amie Tokuhama. 11am Saturday mornings
    ON GOING 2021
  • CAN YOU DIG IT?: The NGAC is looking for a new gardening Guru. Share your gardening adventures, show us what’s growing on in your garden. Need a little encouragement? Contact Teresa Lehane for details. COMING IN 2021??
  • NORTH SACRAMENTO CREATIVE ASSETS: Calling all artists! COMMUNITY MURAL PROJECT (SACOAC, 2021), the NGAC advocates for the expansion of cultural assets into our community. Contact: Amie Tokuhama for more information. MAR-NOV 2021
  • NINOS COMMUNITY GARDEN LANGUAGE OUTREACH PROGRAM: To increase community connections, the NGAC would like to provide translation services. Do you have language skills? Contact Amie Tokuhama 2022- 2023
  • TOOL LIBRARY & RESOURCE BANK: This is one of the NGAC’s big dreams, to help homeowners in our community maintain equity through a lending  tool and resource library thus protecting the value of one’s most important investment. 2022- 2023
  • AFTER SCHOOL ARTS EDUCATION: We are currently working with the and are open to expanding this volunteer opportunity. Contact Amie Tokuhama ON GOING
  • IN SCHOOL POLLINATOR EDUCATION: This group works with the SHINE Grant Committee. Also currently working with the Garden Valley Elementary (TRUSD). Looking to expand into NUSD.  Contact Amie Tokuhama ON GOING 2021
  • YOUTUBE CHANNEL (Since 2018) The NGAC distributes original content through our YouTube channel videos. Additionally the NGAC’s social media channels allow us to further our mission to connect and enrich the community by sharing other neighborhood organization‘s messages and events.
  • POLLINATOR PROTECTION: The NGAC is continuing its work withe the Xerces Society to craft an application for a SMUD Shine Grant.We need educators, contractors and butterfly lovers to help us develop a pollinator garden on the Ninos Parkway! Amie Tokuhama MAY JUN 2021-2022
  • GIVING TUESDAY 2021 (Tuesday, November 30, 2021) The NGAC goal of this campaign is to raise awareness and support for our Club’s projects, engage members of our community and generate funds necessary to continue the ongoing work. This fundraising campaign is continuous, as is the NGAC work to bring a permanent Garden & Arts Center to South Natomas. Donations can be made here.
  • GRANT RESEARCH & WRITING: The NGAC is actively seeking to expand our funding sources. Have some ideas? Contact Amie Tokuhama ON GOING 2021