Artists @1591

The NGAC unveiled its first Art Event on May 6th 2021 at 1591 Newborough Drive, the former Natomas Fire Station #15.

Featuring 15 artworks by over 25 artists residing in Natomas and the Sacramento area, the show received approval from the City of Sacramento Office of Arts and Culture, and is installed on the building exterior. 

This show was the beginning of several which were exhibited through December 2022. A new show is planned for February 2023.

Meet the Artists


Natomas Garden & Arts Club proudly presents the artists participating in the Art Events at 1591 Newborough Drive in South Natomas.

Cristina Arizmendi

A native of the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, Cristina Arizmendi moved to Sacramento where mastered her pottery craft, which is her primary medium. Ms Arizmendi incorporates nature and life into flowing ceramics and glazes.

Todd Boyd

Todd Boyd is primarily a word artist who is a self-published author of one novel (Marat, Untrue Loves), currently working on a second novel, Dinos City, self-published four chapbooks-(Shark Poems, Caroline’s Adeline Street and Other Poems, Panacea, Don’t Let the Rust Eat Away Your Lust), one book of short stories (Allred’s Short Stories), one journal of personal history (The Election of 2012- A Year of Living Inside the Definition of Insanity). He is also a radio programmer (KUBU-96.5LP-FM), blogger (, website manager (, and visual artist working with recycled materials.

Greenhouse Project

The Greenhouse Project's mission is to cultivate a thriving community by nurturing the emotional, spiritual, intellectual, and physical development of our youth and inspiring them to grow to their full potential.

Samantha Inda-Quintero

Samantha Inda-Quintero's approach to art is more than just self expression.She takes art to a personal level. Her philosophy: Art is therapy. As I approach 1 year of sobriety, art has given me the ability to speak from the heart, share my story, and love life again. Art is my savior.

Sheilagh McCafferty

Sheilagh McCafferty is the owner/founder, of Sacramento Costumers. A zero-waste sewing cooperative, established 2019 by the late Madge Davis, Melanie Hamilton, and Ms. McCafferty which offers textile enthusiasts a place to create, learn and share. She works, and therefore teaches from a zero-waste perspective.

Mariam Moslehi

A native of Tehran, Mariam Moslehi's motivation to continue in the art world are the smiles on people's faces while contemplating her art.

Sandra Santiago

Sandra Santiago's main subjects are people and animals. She describes her style as stylized with an explosion of color.

Heather Morrow

Heather Morrow's approach to art is a walk in solemn reverence, sparkling with the laughter of a billion lives, and often ending at the beginning. She often prays to Kali before work, and finds art is the breath of life. Ms Morrow's greatest hope for her art, is to show the hand being outstretched, begging you to dance along, and feel the vibe, and hear the music, and taste the wind.

Jason Teater

Jason Teater recently discovered a love of painting and enjoys capturing the beauty of nature through those paintings.

Lily Vaughan

Lily Vaughan is a student at PACT Homeschool through Natomas Charter School. Art is how she expresses herself. Ms Vaughan is interested in all types of art, especially anime and her favorite mediums are watercolors and colored pencil.

Felicia Borges

Title: Raise Your Voice
Media: Acrylics
Felicia Borges volunteers as the Area Director for Natomas, serving 6 clubs, including the Artists of Toastmasters. A nationwide group of artists collaborated to create this work for the Natomas Garden & Arts Club's art installation. Inspired by the Rumi quote, "Raise your words, not your voice. It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder." their piece represents the inner voice, a form of mark making on the soul. Like graffiti, much of who we truly are is buried under superficial layers we deem good enough to show others. Within the work, Felicia and the Artists of Toastmasters are revealing an intimate look at the soul of Natomas as it continues to find its voice, blossom, and grow into a thriving community.

Patrick Duffy

Patrick Duffy is an artist & photographer working from his Bear Garden Studio. What good is it to brood over the past and fret about the future? Dwell in the simplicity of the present moment.

Jennifer Harris

Title: Poppy on Marconi
Media: acrylic on Coroplast
Jennifer Harris, while not an artist, enjoys collaborating for local art in the community. She has worked on a variety of projects including murals and community engagement projects such as the Inventor's Village map and the California Poppy Day coloring contest.

Emily Loen

Title: Bloom
Media: Rustoleum, Acrylic paint, ink
Emily Loen is an Illustrator and Muralist, creating playful, absurd and socially engaged art. Ms Loen holds a Bachelors of Fine Art in Illustration from the Academy of Art, and has split her career along two pathways - social justice and creative expression. A Fair Oaks native with roots in the racial and reproductive justice movements, she views art as a way to challenge narratives.

Amie Tokuhama & Angela Chow

Amie Tokuhama and daughter, Angela Chow have been artistic collaborative partners for the last five years. They began collaborating at Chalk It Up and their efforts have included mural projects for both public and private clients.


“Autumn fairy” artist Diane is a South Natomas resident who enjoys doing artwork alone and with her family.

Cristina Damian

"Untitled" by Cristina Damian, Ronzi’s mother, Diane’s daughter, friend to South Natomas! A true family of artists.

Ronzi Damian

Ronzi is a Sacramento artist who loves making busy, funky pieces. Acrylic paints, cat in fantastical environment. This work was designed to be a free stream of consciousness.