Due to COVID-19 and the order to stay at home, all Natomas Garden and Arts Club activities and meetings will be conducted via Zoom.


Natomas Garden & Arts Club member Tom Hawkins, a Master Gardener, gave a zoom presentation at our Wednesday July 29th NGAC Members meeting on Vermiculture, or Worm Composting. 

We will post the video of that Zoom Meeting here as soon as it it processed.

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#NGAC recommends: UCCE Master Gardeners of Sacramento County


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The Natomas Garden and Arts Club, Inc. is a nonprofit public benefit corporation formed by residents of Natomas. It was incorporated on July 1, 2019. The Club meets on the last Tuesday of each month at the South Natomas Community Center.

The Club cooperates with civic planning and historic groups, schools, libraries, galleries, plant nurseries, and other groups that have similar goals. For 2020, the Club will continue to work with schools to create Pollinator Gardens, plant shade trees, donate produce, and host arts and crafts events.

At our website you will find information about the club, the proposed Garden and Arts Center, educational and craft events, and articles relevant to the mission of the club.

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