Projects & Ongoing Activities

Giving Tuesday 2020 (Tuesday, December 1, 2020):  The NGAC goal of this campaign is to raise awareness and support for our Club’s projects, engage members of our community and generate funds necessary to continue the ongoing work.


Monthly Meetings (Since 2017):

Goal is to inform and inspire Community Members to participate in our projects and activities.   Our meetings have evolved as our Club membership has grown.  In late 2019 we had changed the format of our meetings so that they were framed around a gardening or art lesson.  Since the pandemic, we have shifted our meetings to a Zoom format.  This has not only allowed us to maintain contact with our original base of support, but to increase and expand attendance at our meetings.

Garden Valley Elementary School Pollinator Garden (Est. 2019):

Goal of this project is not only to bring educational opportunities to our local schools, but also to help establish our community as a pollinator haven by creating habitats for them. Using a small grant from the Sacramento Perennial Plant Society written in cooperation with the Xerces Society and lots of volunteer labor, we created a teaching garden at a local school.  Volunteers from the school helped to create curricula using the garden.

Ninos Community Garden (Since 2018):

Goal is to encourage participation in the Community Gardens program and in gardening at home.  NGAC maintains a plot in the Community Garden.  NGAC members provide a volunteer resource for maintenance and site clean-up.  Currently we are expanding our services to include community education and outreach, seeking to provide volunteers to breech language barriers between City staff and Community members.  

“Miles for Monarchs” Shine Grant Application (June 2020):

Goal is to create a pollinator habitat on the Ninos Parkway at W El Camino Avenue. This project is in the final phase of evaluation from the SMUD Shine Grant Awards review.  They informed us in mid-October that our proposal had been moved into the “Mission alignment and expertise evaluation” phase of the award process.  We should have the final decision soon.  The process of landscape design will begin immediately.  In January, at our monthly gathering, our members will be taught how to grow milkweed and other perennials that will be planted at the site next fall.   

Website and Social Media (Since 2018):

Goal is to attract and inform those who want art and gardening in their lives, and to maintain meaningful contact with existing members. Our website, established in 2018 has recently undergone a full make-over to make it more interesting and engaging and easier to navigate.  We have also established Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts to best further our mission goals through their unique formats.  We also have a YouTube Channel to establish our group as a reliable resource for Gardening and Arts resources and lessons.

Natomas Garden and Art Center Gallery Show #1 (Pending):

Goal is to provide a public venue to celebrate the continued creativity of our community members.  It will also draw attention to the property where our Center will be. The Fire Department vacated the property at 1591 Newborough Dr. in November, 2018.  Since that time, the City of Sacramento has repeatedly affirmed its commitment to installing a Garden and Arts Center at the site.  We chose this site for our Center because it is a beautiful example of Mid-Century Modern Eichler Atrium Home by Streng Brothers.  In 2019, the City Council voted to allocate $800,000 to bring the building up to code for public occupancy.  For many reasons, the City has not moved forward on our project and the property remains vacant and unused.  Last year, for security reasons, the City installed a chain link fence surrounding the building and plywood over the windows and doors.  We have proposed to cover the building, including and especially the existing plywood, with murals produced by artists from Natomas.  This property deserves to be a vision of artistic inspiration, not to be neglected and abandoned.