1591 Site Developments

Clarifications for the planned development of the property located at 1591 Newborough Dr. 95833 as of Monday, September 20, 2021.
NGAC Mission & Goal


The NGAC was formed in 2017 around the idea of transforming the property at 1591 Newborough Drive into a Garden & Arts Center and Gallery for the Natomas Community. The Natomas Garden & Arts Club formally incorporated into a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation in 2018.

Our mission is “Connecting and Enriching the Community through Gardening and the Arts.

Our goal has been to provide to the community art and gardening opportunities that bring people together and build lasting, meaningful connections.

Our vision is a permanent Garden & Arts Center and Gallery that is a hub of community activity and civic pride, and which will provide opportunities for community members to show and share their talents. The community has endorsed the vision of an indoor/outdoor gallery and community space. The gardens are meant to be a space for demonstrating, practicing, observing, learning and participating in art and gardening activities. The exterior space will include, but not be limited to garden statuary, bridges, topiary, bonsai, decorative planters, walkways and benches.

Proposed Garden Elements


  • Pollinator Attractive Landscaping
  • Drought Resistant Landscaping
  • California Native Plant Landscaping
  • Ethnic Cuisine Demonstration Gardens
  • Garden Art
  • Meeting/Teaching Areas
  • Reception Areas
  • Areas for Quiet Contemplation
Site Plan
NGAC Vision


Renovation Vision

The Natomas Garden & Arts Club has a Sustainability Plan, written in 2020, as part of our preparation to take custody of this facility. In it, we propose that the Center generate revenue from the Gallery, from classes and workshops, and from facilities rentals for small events.

The landscape design will take into consideration the requirements for such usage. There will be delineated areas available for a multitude of purposes. The hardscape will also include well-lit, ADA accessible pathways, multiple gathering areas, and planting spaces for demonstration and teaching gardens. These plans will balance practical needs such as parking, storage, and security fencing with this creative vision.

The patio is an essential feature of the indoor/outdoor feel of the traditional Eichler Home, as these inspiration images demonstrate. We hope to include this vibe in the final design.

Relationship with the City of Sacramento


In 2018, the Sacramento City Council earmarked $800,000 to transform the vacant fire station and empty lot into a Garden and Arts Center and Gallery. The community has repeatedly expressed concern and doubt that the dream would ever come to fruition.

It is our understanding that the City will make modifications to bring the building up to code for public occupancy. The NGAC will lease the property from the City with a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that is the process of being finalized (January 2023). The relationship will be similar to that between the City and the Shepard Garden and Arts Center in McKinley Park.

The community has an interest in seeing that the vision we have articulated is implemented as far as possible. The Natomas Garden & Arts Club will interface between the concerns of the community and those of the city. The community has requested they be able to review the budget prior to finalization of costs. The NGAC can facilitate a community  discussion to help keep the community comfortable with the process.

Final Thoughts


This facility will be an asset to our community for years to come. The choices we make now must take into consideration not only our fondest wishes and dreams, embedded in the past, but also the reality of the world we live in today and our vision for our future.

While you make your judgements, suggestions and proposals, please be mindful that the Natomas Garden & Arts Club supports above all else environmental equity and sustainability in all our plans and projects. The NGAC also celebrates the rich cultural diversity and heritage of our neighborhood and we feel our Center should reflect that richness.

Please consider how we can build in net-zero emission technology and water use reduction into our infrastructure from the foundation. Please also consider how our Center can be as inclusive and representative as possible of our wonderful, inspiring community.

Submitted by Amie Tokuhama Chapman NGAC 2021 Board of Directors President